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Industrial drones for asset inspection, survey and training

Industrial drones for asset inspection, survey and training

Industrial drones for asset inspection, survey and trainingIndustrial drones for asset inspection, survey and training

Drone Mapping in Zambia

using high resolution imaging sensors 

Industrial Drone Services

Action Drone + Slantrange multispectral sensor

Action Drone with Slantrange sensor

Immediate Analytics. Anywhere.

The SlantView analytics platform delivers the information you need at  the time and place you need it. That means pushing powerful analytics  tools out and away from the cloud and into the field where your  decisions need to be made – an entirely new approach to crop measurement  and analysis.


Parrot Disco Pro Ag + Sequoia sensor


to better manage your farm, optimize your yields and improve the crop quality. Experience a fast and easy service with AIRINOV.
Make a crop assessment in few hours thanks to the fastest mapping platform.

The future of your land is in the sky!

iDrone4Ag Youth Training Info

iDrone4Ag Youth Training

 iDrone4Ag youth project will create Green Collar jobs instead of youth migrating to cities for the hunt of White Collar jobs. The project will enable two youth from each farming community to get practical hands-on training for the commercial operations of drones. 

The primary focus of the training will be on the use of drones for crop mapping. The youth will also acquire relevant exposure on use of drones for the community welfare surveys, which will bring them regular income even after the crop season is over. 

Multi-Spectral NDVI Crop Mapping for Precision Farming

Only 3 steps to get your crop maps:

1>Drone Image acquisition 

2>Upload Image data

3>Reception of NDVI and Zoning maps 

In Support with


CTA "Eyes in the Sky" project & AfGoesDigital

  Africa Goes Digital is an association of African start-ups that are  providing digital services in the sectors of agriculture, energy,  surveying, geographical information systems, engineering, construction, disaster risk management,  humanitarian and research. We offer capacity building in the use of  drone technology.  Members of the consortium leverage the power of digital technologies  such as unmanned aerial systems or geographical information systems to  generate high-end products and quality services.